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Another Victory for the Plucky Freedom Foundation & Workers’ Rights

Capital Research Center

The Freedom Foundation secures another legal victory with national implications: under First Amendment, care providers in Washington State can be informed about their right to leave SEIU

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Judge Tosses Union Challenge to Foundation’s Outreach

The Washington Free Beacon

Court partially dismisses SEIU's attempt to prevent group from informing aides of Beck Rights

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Unions Attack Worker Freedoms in Washington State

capitalresearch.org | July 2017

Summary: With help from politicians they heavily fund, unions have perpetrated a scam in which they force unwitting—and often unwilling—citizens of a state into having union dues taken out of Medicaid

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Column: Janus v AFSCME

The Washington Wire

The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced, for the second time in two years, that it would address one of the most significant and contentious labor issues in recent decades. By accepting Janus v.

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Labor Unions Absurdly Brand Freedom Foundation ‘Fascist’ and ‘Racist’ in Protests

PJ Media

At the end of last week, what seemed like a coalition of labor unions protested the Annual Dinner of the Freedom Foundation, a workers' rights organization that has become notorious for empowerin

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Oregon Sewer Workers Are Busting Their Own Union For ‘Extortion’

The Daily Caller

“Citizens should be outraged at the City’s conduct,” Freedom Foundation Policy Analyst Ben Straka said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Neil Gorsuch Can Give Workers A Win Over Unions At The Supreme Court -- If We Fight For It

Washington Examiner

People looking for results out of Washington, D.C., have been frustrated for some time now. And those who want Washington to do something to expand freedom have really been out of luck.

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Some Portland Sewer Workers Want a Better Contract. They’ve Turned to the Northwest’s Top Union Busters for Help

Willamette Week

So Duffey and at least five other disgruntled Portland wastewater workers turned to an unlikely ally: the Freedom Foundation, a right-wing, union-busting think tank based in Olympia, Wash., that'

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Seattle’s New Income Tax Bodes Ill for the City’s Economy

National Review

Signs reading “Step Forward for Progressive Taxation,” “Trump-proof Seattle | Tax the Rich,” and “Tax the Rich, House the Homeless” adorned a June city council hearing in Seattle.

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Guest Column: Let’s Honor Workers – And Their Right To Choose For Themselves

Bend Bulletin

In retrospect, it’s probably just as well Congress christened it “Labor Day” rather than “Union Day” when the federal holiday was created in 1892.

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