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Paid Sick Leave

Safety and Health Magazine

Paid sick leave took a turn in the spotlight on Election Day: On Nov.

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Is the Democrats’ Biggest Donor Breaking the Law?


For years the Democrat Party in Washington State has depended on the compulsory dues money of public employee union members to keep it afloat.

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Editorial: Home Health Workers Should Not Be Locked Into Paying Dues

The Bulletin

The SEIU and the state can call this arrangement whatever they like, but it looks a whole lot like coercion. Home health care workers deserve better from the state and better from the SEIU.

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Special Interests Know Unions, Not Government, Wield The Real Power In Oregon

Statesman Journal

SEIU is awash in millions of someone else’s dollars, which it lavishes on far-Left causes and candidates.

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Workers Hit Oregon, SEIU With 'Forced Unionization' Suit


Home care workers hit the state of Oregon and the Service Employees International Union with a lawsuit in Oregon federal court on Wednesday, alleging that they are engaging in a “forced unionization s

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Behind Washington I-1501 Lies Union’s Feud With Conservative Think Tank

The Seattle Times

In fact, the measure was conceived and bankrolled entirely by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as part of a long-running political and legal feud with a conservative think tank over ma

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The Most Dishonest Initiative In History Is On The Wash. Ballot

My Northwest

It’s on your ballot and it is filthy and disgusting. And it is a state wide issue. This is gamesmanship from the political hack, Bob Ferguson.

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The SEIU’s Ballot Fraud

The Wall Street Journal

How worried is Big Labor about declining membership? Worried enough that unions are trying to trick voters into supporting a ballot measure that claims to protect seniors from identity fraud.

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Voter’s Guide: Todd Herman’s Guide to 2016 Ballot

My Northwest

It’s that time of year — voting season. And with it many with their own voter’s guide.

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Initiative Subplot: Fight Between Union, Conservative Group

The Olympian

The ongoing fight between a powerful labor union and a conservative group has spilled over into Washington's state election

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