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Freedom Foundation Sues Seattle Over Tax Targeting The ‘Rich’

The Blaze

The Freedom Foundation, a national think tank based in Washington state that promotes limited government and free enterprise, sued the city of Seattle on Wednesday over the city’s newly passed income

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Lawsuit Says Seattle’s ‘Tax-the-Rich’ Measure Violates State Constitution

The Wall Street Journal

The new Seattle measure, passed by the city council in July, would impose a 2.25% tax on any income over $250,000 or above $500,000 for couples filing jointly.

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Fremont ‘Baroness,’ Shoe Designer, Microsoft Exec Sue Over Income Tax

Seattle Weekly

But as the lawsuits show, not all Seattleites are in agreement—and the Freedom Foundation suit has a particularly colorful cast of complainants.

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'Illegal For Many Reasons': Group Sues Seattle Over Income Tax

Seattle PI

Seattle's recently approved high-earner income tax will face a court challenge from the Freedom Foundation, which sued the city Wednesday.

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Freedom Foundation Sues Seattle Over Controversial New Income Tax

Fox News

The Seattle City Council wants to tax the rich but the Freedom Foundation is suing claiming the hike is unconstitutional

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Freedom Foundation Drains Union Membership Rolls by Promoting First Amendment

The Daily Signal

Union leaders in Washington state who plotted to undermine a U.S.

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Seattle Venture Capitalist Matt Mcilwain’s Non-Profit Sues City Over Income Tax On High Earners

Geek Wire

A non-profit founded by Madrona Venture Group Managing Director Matt McIlwain is filing a lawsuit against the City of Seattle over a new plan to levy an income tax on its wealthiest residents.

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Seattle Sued Over Controversial Income Tax On The Wealthy

The Washington Examiner

A conservative group is suing the city of Seattle over its controversial income tax that targets high-income earners as part of what local lawmakers describe as "a new formula for fairness."

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EXCLUSIVE: Freedom Foundation Sues Seattle Over Controversial New Income Tax

Fox News

The Freedom Foundation sued Seattle Wednesday over its controversial new income tax on the rich, which critics call “an assault” on the law that sets a dangerous precedent.

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Union Membership Should Be Up To The Worker, Free Of ‘Status Quo Bias’

The Orange County Register

Centuries ago, Isaac Newton laid out in elegant mathematical terms what common sense already told us — that a body at rest will tend to remain at rest, and a body in motion will tend to remain in moti

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