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SEIU and Government Unions Are Now Having Their Tactics Used Against Them

Town Hall

Government unions. You either love them or you hate them. There really is no in-between.

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Washington State Attorney General Resolves Two Campaign Finance Violation Cases

Legal News Line

n the first case, Eastern Washington University trustee Jay Manning will pay $4,812.50 for allegedly failing to file two financial disclosures in a timely manner after his appointment.

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Guest View: Don't Sweat Union Bosses' Promise For Retribution

Quad-City Times

As predictably as the sun rising in the East, the bosses for Iowa’s government unions and their liberal allies are warning of the sky falling and promising political retribution after Republicans pass

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KirbyCast February 28th—Hour 2

KVI 570

We get the latest on the case that the Freedom Foundation brought in front of the Washington State Supreme Court against SEIU, Putin is not a mole, Kirby gives props to Jake Tapper and shares a favori

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Union Monopoly in Washington State

The Jackson Press

A Washington in-home caregiver and SEIU 775 squared off on Feb.

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Homecare Providers Coast to Coast Challenge Force Unionism Schemes

National Right to Work Legal Defense

In 2014, Foundation staff attorneys argued the case Harris v. Quinn before the US Supreme Court, which chose to strike down the SEIU’s illegal forced dues scheme in Illinois.

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Rantz: Labor Front Group Hiding In Plain Sight

My Northwest

A funny thing happened on Twitter the other day: an otherwise routine (and mostly fair) criticism lead to me uncovering a labor union front group hiding in plain sight.

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Shining Light on Secret Public Sector Labor Negotiations

The Lens

Two state Republican Senate bills aim to reform contract negotiations currently held in secret between public officials and public sector unions.

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Grassroots Campaign Informs Workers of Their Rights

Opportunity Lives

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that part-time home health care employees maintained the right to opt out of union membership.

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Freedom Foundation Holds Unions Accountable In Washington, Oregon

The Atlas Network

When union negotiations with state governments are held behind closed doors, taxpayers tend to suffer.

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