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Tech Workers Brace For Seattle's Plan to 'Tax The Rich'


The new tax — 2.25 percent on annual income — is expected to bring in $140 million a year. But proponents expect a fight.

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Lars Larson Northwest Podcast Hour 2

Lars Larson

Lars Larson Northwest Podcast Hour 2

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Carlson & Kirby July13—9am hour


In this hour John and Kirby talk to Max Nelson from the Freedom Foundation and later in the hour-the manager of the Tacoma Center Motel shares her stories of cleaning up after prostitutes, druggies an

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Harvard Students’ Analysis Of Right-To-Work Demonstrates Ignorance Of Rights, Work

The Daily Caller

Cementing once and for all their university’s well-earned reputation as a $50,000-a-year echo chamber for leftist talking points masquerading as an institution of higher learning, students Alisha Ukan

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Workers' Freedom Scores A Small Victory In Washington State

Washington Examiner

Did you know that just telling union members about their rights under federal law can bring misery down on your head?

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Union Dues Hike Spotlights Need For High-Court Intervention

California Policy Center

A recent action by one of nation’s largest public-employee unions illustrates the importance of an Illinois case that might make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court sometime next year.

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‘Political Blackmail’ Exposes Union’s True Agenda

Mail Tribune

Things got a little tense during the June 7 committee hearing on Oregon’s proposed transportation package, with Sen.

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State Officials, Union Desperately Fight To Silence Think Tank

The Blaze

The Freedom Foundation — a nonprofit think tank supporting “opportunity, responsible self-governance, and free markets” — is under attack by the Service Employees International Union, a key union in W

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Unions don’t want balance, they want to preserve their monopoly

Quad City Herald

In his June 8 response (“Teachers’ Unions Not Broken”) to Jami Lund’s May 17 guest opinion (“21st Century Unionism Starting in Central Washington”), Parmley accuses Lund and the organization he and I

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Unions Only Care About Privacy When It Benefits Them

Orange County Register

It turns out the much-heralded commitment of the political left and its allies in organized labor to the ideal of privacy rights has its limits.

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