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EXCLUSIVE: Freedom Foundation Sues Seattle Over Controversial New Income Tax

Fox News

The Freedom Foundation sued Seattle Wednesday over its controversial new income tax on the rich, which critics call “an assault” on the law that sets a dangerous precedent.

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Union Membership Should Be Up To The Worker, Free Of ‘Status Quo Bias’

The Orange County Register

Centuries ago, Isaac Newton laid out in elegant mathematical terms what common sense already told us — that a body at rest will tend to remain at rest, and a body in motion will tend to remain in moti

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Can They Really Do That? Daylighting Police Union Negotiations

The Stranger

“We would support anything that moves the ball forward on bringing greater transparency to public-sector collective bargaining negotiations,” said Maxford Nelson, director of labor policy for the orga

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Editorial: Don’t Force Union Employees To Pay For Representation They Don’t Want

The Bend Bulletin

Unions that represent public employees argue that because the benefits they win in collective bargaining go to all represented employees, all employees should be required to pay for the representation

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Anti-Union Nonprofit Finds Success Undercutting Big Labor

Washington Examiner

The most effective solutions to complicated problems can sometimes be the simplest.

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The Five Crazy Liberal Things Seattle Has Done This Year, And What One Group Is Doing To Fight Back


Fortunately, for common sense Emerald City taxpayers, there is one group committed to fighting back: the Freedom Foundation.

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The Heartland Institute

In a series of lawsuits filed in Washington on the state and the district court levels, lawyers representing Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 775 are fighting the Freedom Foundation.

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Rebecca Friedrichs Addresses New Case to End Forced Dues

Inside Sources

As another case on forced union dues looks to move to the Supreme Court, California teacher Rebecca Friedrichs expressed her views on the case this week over a year after she also tried to end the pra

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Seattle Effort to Tax the Rich Appears Headed for Court Battle

The Wall Street Journal

A new tax-the-rich measure in Seattle would hit about 9,000 taxpayers—about 2%—but the impact could go beyond wealthy Seattleites.

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Freedom Foundation Scores Win Against SEIU in Washington

Capital Research Center

On July 11, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a charge against Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Leadership Council 14 for campaign finance violations following a formal compla

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