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Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Case

Sky Valley Chronicle

The Freedom Foundation's Jan.

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Urge to Dump Unions in Washington?


Freedom Foundation labor policy analyst Maxford Nelson told Boze that, after one year, the Waterville teachers are reporting positive results from their switch.

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Washington Supreme Court Forces Governor’s Hand on Education Funding


'I’ve had to rethink that approach,' Inslee said. 'Or, to be candid, the Supreme Court has forced us all to
look anew at funding our education system this year.

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The Puget Sound Partnership Scam, It Matters Here

The Whatcom Excavator

This synopsis will ring a bell if you've witnessed PSP's slick 'facilitation' tactics here (like the WIT, glad-handing funds to county departments, and liberal palm-greasing to pre

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"Local Brew" with The Freedom Foundation's VP Trent England

The David Boze Show

Local Brew with The Freedom Foundation's VP, Trent England on a new left-wing group coming to Seattle looking to grab take over the restaurant biz.

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"Local Brew" with The Freedom Foundation's Glen Morgan, Asking to Abolish the Puget Sound Partnership

The David Boze Show

Local Brew with Glen Morgan, exposes multiple failures by the Puget Sound Partnership.

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What Happens When the Central Planners Fail?

The US and Eau Claire Journal

In modern times, the Central Planners who work in our counties and cities take the same basic failed philosophy and apply it to everything they do.  Their efforts are just as doomed and unlikely to re

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