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Left-Wing Friendly Fire: Kshama Sawant Slams Obama Admin Study on Economic Damage From Min. Wage Hikes as ‘Right-Wing’

NW Daily Marker

Sawant elected to dismiss and demonize the study as the work of the 'right-wing think tank' the Freedom Foundation, when in fact the study was the work of the Obama Administration’s Governme

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Max Nelsen on The Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show

Freedom Foundation Labor Policy Analyst Max Nelsen talks about the impacts of raising the minimum wage. 

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Hundreds Turn Out for Seattle’s Town Hall on $15 Minimum Wage Issue

Q13 Fox News

'I think it’s an idea that would cause more harm than good, to be honest,' said Max Nelson, a labor policy analyst with the Freedom Foundation.

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News You Can Use: Public Unions Agree Public Should Have Easy Access to Contracts… Not

SHIFT Washington

The Freedom Foundation points out the hypocrisy of certain union officials, who tell the Senate one thing and then tell the House another, all in an effort to keep their employment contracts from bein

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Public Wants Legislature to Follow Open Meeting Law

The Olympian

Does a service club want to organize a work party to spruce up a park? Do parents want their children to go to school full time without partial school days?

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Using Innovative Activism to Change the Local Political Culture

Heritage Insider Magazine

The local bureaucracy and political elite were shocked to find real citizen opposition to their central-planning schemes.

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WA Taxpayers Supporting Anti-Worker Freedom Push


Max Nelsen, labor policy analyst for the free enterprise think-tank Freedom Foundation, which revealed earlier this week that the taxpayer funded group was involved in the anti-right-to-work workshops

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The Freedom Foundation's Maxford Nelson on Taxpayer-Supported workshops Training Union Members

The David Boze Show

A taxpayer-supported organization recently hosted a series of workshops around the state to train union members and others on how to campaign against a right-to-work law, should one be considered in W

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Braun Bill Requires Increased Records Disclosure From Unions

The Chronicle

Max Nelson, of the Freedom Foundation, also testified in support of the bill.

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Unions Support Transparency — Except When It Applies to Them


Instead of mandating that all contract negotiations be open to the public, as at least five other states do, the bill allows collective bargaining sessions to take place privately on a case-by-case ba

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