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I-1501 Sounds Innocent, But It’s Really About Keeping Workers In The Dark

Smarter Government Washington

You have to give SEIU, one of the state’s largest public sector unions, one thing: it’s clever.

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State Schools Chief Sues 7 Districts Over Use Of Levy Dollars

Herald Net

Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn sued Tuesday to stop seven school districts, including Everett, from using local levy dollars to pay teacher salaries and other expenses of basic educat

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State Schools Chief Randy Dorn Sues 7 School Districts Over ‘Illegal’ Use Of Levy Money

The Seattle Times

State schools chief Randy Dorn has filed a lawsuit against seven school districts alleging that they illegally rely on local levies to fund basic education, including teacher salaries.

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Dorn's Lawsuit Would Prevent Bullying Behavior Of Teachers Union Bosses

Shift WA

Surprisingly enough, now that he is freed from trying to pander for liberal votes since he is retiring, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn did something right for once.

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I-1501: SEIU's Smoke-And-Mirrors Attempt To Maintain Its Power

Shift WA

Initiative 1501 is one of several initiatives Washington voters are likely to see on the November ballot.

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$14M Fuels Initiatives On The November Ballot. Who's Behind The Money?


The vast majority of money going into initiative campaigns this year in Washington state has come in lumps of $10,000 or more, from a small number of wealthy individuals and special interests, accordi

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Supreme Court Declines To Rehear Public Sector Union Case


A court case that could have had a devastating effect on public sector unions in Washington and nationally is dead — for now.

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Are Unions Pushing Too Far In Demanding A $15 Minimum Wage At Seatac?

Seattle Business

Things are expensive in San Francisco, the fourth priciest city in the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported in March.

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Rethinking The Standard Economics Textbook Presentation Of The Minimum Wage, Part III

American Enterprise Institute

This is Part III of a three-part series titled “Rethinking the Standard Economics Textbook Presentation of the Minimum Wage.” You’ll find Part I here where I explain why the horizontal axis in the st

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Senators' Attack On Right-To-Work An Attack On Freedom

Statesman Journal

No amount of blame-shifting, scapegoating or straight-up lying can obscure the fact that right-to-work is nothing more or less than protecting the ability of individual workers to decide for themselve

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