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Guest Column: Washington Schools Should Teach Financial Literacy

The Chronicle

As a society we offer students 13 years of instruction — over 13,000 hours. The high school diploma costs more than $170,000 for each student. But what does a diploma mean?

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Lower Union Revenues Lead to Greater Union Harassment

Capitol Research Center

With help from politicians they heavily fund, unions have perpetrated a scam in which they force unwitting—and often unwilling—citizens of a state into having union dues taken out of Medicare payments

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Reforming Public Sector Labor Talks

The Lens

While the state Senate this session narrowly approved two bills to end secrecy surrounding the negotiation process for collective bargaining agreements (CBA) between the governor and state public sect

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Unions Are Siphoning Medicaid Funds By Bullying Caregivers

Washington Examiner

As Beltway insiders squabble over how, or whether, to overhaul Obamacare and Medicaid, one overlooked reform deserves widespread support: ending the ability of labor unions to siphon Medicaid dollars

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Modern Unions Revised

Cashmere Valley Record

Change comes slowly in the world of education, but central Washington schoolteachers are embracing a revolutionary new change - they are taking back control of their profession.

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Union Becomes Less Transparent And Accountable

The Bulletin

SEIU 503’s latest act of desperation, revising its corporate status so that it’s no longer a recognized as a nonprofit by Oregon state laws, isn’t so much a change as a disguise — and not a very convi

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Supporters Of An Income Tax In Seattle Say The Measure Has ‘Huge Momentum’

Q13 Fox

Washington is one of nine states in the country that do not have an income tax, but if some Seattle leaders get their way, the city could be the first to defy the state constitution.

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First The City, Then The State: The Fight For An Income Tax Begins (Again)

Seattle Met

The advocates from Trump Proof Seattle—which includes the Neighborhood Action Coalition, Economic Opportunity Institute, and Seattle Transit Riders Union—began lobbying for the city income tax shortly

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Union Attempting To Change Status To Keep Records Private

The Oregonian

Leaders of the Service Employees International Union 503 - the union that represents Medicaid-compensated home health care workers in Oregon - are contemplating changing their status from a nonprofit

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House Democrats Want A Capital Gains Tax To Raise Money For Their Budget Plan. Is It Even Legal?

The News Tribune

The state Supreme Court has ruled in the past that income taxes are a form of property taxes — which must be applied at a flat rate under the constitution.

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