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Union Gets Pay Back For Inslee Contribution

Daily Sun

“About 30,000 Washington state workers would receive pay raises of roughly 6 percent,” Wednesday’s Associated Press story explained, “under a tentative deal struck Tuesday between state officials and

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Finding A Fix For The Differences Between Washington School Districts

The Lens

As in other states, employers in Washington underscore their vital stake in K-12 and higher education.

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Kirby & Carlson Sept 2—9am hour


9am hour--Kirby & Carlson: Colin Kaepernick has a National Anthem protest supporter in Seahawk Jeremy Lane, there's a new legal ruling on gun rights for medical marijuana card holders, a Lati

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Unions Stifle Worker Freedom


This August is no different than any other month of the year for Michigan’s public school teachers–and it’s about time.

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Measure 97 Will Enrich Unions, Kill Economy, ‘For The Children’

Bend Bulletin

Proponents of Initiative Petition 28, now named Measure 97, would have you believe the measure will be a boon for the entire state.

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Activists Face Third Strike on Paid Sick Leave Proposal

The Detroit News

After failing to generate enough signatures in 2014 or 2016 to take the proposal to voters in the form of a ballot initiative, they plan to try again in 2018. You have to give them an “A” for effort.

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Kotek, Clinton's Brand of Progressivism Has Devastated Oregon's Economy

Oregon Live

For the past 30 years, Oregon has turned its back on policies that work for all Oregonians in favor of a "progressive" agenda focused on playing favorites and settling scores.

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Learning From Experience On Paid Sick Leave

The Orange County Register

The great irony of paid sick leave mandates is that they do very little to reduce workplace illness.

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Arizona Sued Over Ban On Cities Mandating Paid Sick Leave

AZ Central

The Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank in DC, concluded in a report that businesses forced to implement paid sick leave often decrease other employee benefits and hours and raise prices to

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Heading For A Cage Match On Local Control Of Teacher Salaries

The Lens

“It’s why you can add more money and it doesn’t feel like you improve services,” Jami Lund said. Lund is a senior policy analyst at the Freedom Foundation.

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