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Government Union Forgeries – One Victim Tells Her Story

Nearly two years after the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME banned forced union funding by public employees, labor leaders claim nothing much has changed for them and they are doing just fine.

And from their perspective, that’s probably true, as they haven’t changed their dishonest and outright illegal practices and bully tactics to keep taking dues money from the paychecks of government workers.

The Freedom Foundation has been successful in helping free more than 75,000 people from union tyranny, but many more remain stuck paying unions against their will because of union policies such as arbitrary opt-out windows that are designed to keep these people trapped in membership.

But now it appears they have raised the stakes.

The Freedom Foundation has been approached by a disturbing number of people whose rights have been violated by government unions in a truly criminal fashion — their signatures have been forged on union documents so union bosses could literally steal money from their paychecks under false pretenses.

In 2020 alone, the Freedom Foundation has filed seven new forgery lawsuits in Washington, Oregon and California, bringing the total to 12 forgery cases we are pursuing against unions. While the criminal behavior is bad enough, these labor leaders have proven there is no low they won’t stoop to in order to keep lining their pockets with someone else’s money.

Here’s the story of Maria Quezambra.   Maria is a single mother who became a homecare provider for her disabled daughter in 2012. Shortly thereafter, the state of California automatically began deducting union dues from her paycheck.

Maria contacted the union to stop dues deductions, but she had no recollection of ever signing an authorization to allow the union to deduct dues in the first place. After months of pressing the union to see the card she supposedly signed, the union admitted that she had never authorized any deductions, and the card it showed her was missing information, contained clearly erroneous information and had a forged signature.

Maria’s story and the eleven other cases are just some of the examples of union forgeries.  There’s no telling how long unions have been forging signatures, but perhaps their claim that “nothing has changed” is more true than we realized, as the number of forgery cases across three states suggest a widespread practice.

People reaching out to the Freedom Foundation with forgery claims continue to increase, and we remain committed to help them get the justice they deserve.