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The Freedom Update – Episode 196

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

In this country, we don’t have kings whose word is law; we have elected officials who pass laws through a long – and often messy – process.

And it’s open to the public at nearly every step of the way. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

But too often in Washington state the most expensive job most local governments do – is negotiate with the unions representing public employees – and this is done behind closed doors.

That’s wrong, and the Freedom Foundation is working hard to change it.

Last week, Kittitas County became the fourth local jurisdiction in Washington over the past year, to adopt a policy of open collective bargaining negotiation.

The Freedom Foundation wrote the resolution on which the Kittitas ordinance is based and worked with the commissioners to ensure it was adopted. But it’s the commissioners who deserve the credit for standing up to the unions and serving the best interests of their community.

Here’s to transparency, open government … and the Kittitas County commissioners.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m Raimee Sluder—stay informed.