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The Freedom Update – Episode 198

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

Just a day before Thanksgiving, Freedom Foundation had a massive win in court. A King County Superior Court judge agreed with the Freedom Foundation that Seattle’s scheme to impose an income tax on the city’s high earners violates state law.

Washington statutory law and the state Constitution both prohibit tax plans that impose one rate on lower-income individuals and a higher rate for those who earn more – which Seattle’s does.

The judge’s decision noted, “Regardless of what label one may choose in classifying the city’s tax, the requirement remains that the Legislature must specifically authorize the tax. The city has not identified any specific statutory authorization for its tax.”

Freedom Foundation Chief Litigation Counsel, David Dewhirst, said “In our system of government, the Legislature makes laws and the courts interpret them. If you want to change the existing tax laws, you can ask your legislator to introduce a bill, or you can sponsor a ballot initiative. And if you want to amend the Constitution, there’s a process for that, too.”

The problem for the proponents of this income tax is, they’ve tried that and it never works because the voters have consistently rejected income taxes of all kinds.

Unfortunately, instead of conceding defeat, the city will almost certainly waste more of the taxpayers’ money appealing the ruling, but Freedom Foundation will not back down from this fight.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.