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The Freedom Update – Episode 199

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

We want our government to be both transparent and accountable. For the most part, it’s an expectation that transcends political leaning or ideology—unless someone has something to hide.

We’ve encounter intense opposition from those with the most to hide – the unions representing public-sector workers and the politicians working both sides of the street by taking money from the unions while claiming to represent the people.

Back in October we contracted a company to conduct a poll to see if people agreed with our view on a more transparent government.

Not surprisingly, nearly 70% of all those polled favored increased transparency. These results even transcend party lines with 59% of the those who identify as liberal saying they support the idea of open collective bargaining meetings.

With our help, two counties have already passed resolutions to open their meetings to the public and many other counties have expressed interest, but they need your support.

Fill out a simple form to send a letter to your county officials asking them to open their collective bargaining process to the public.

With your help, we can make Washington more transparent and thus, more accountable.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.