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The Freedom Update – Episode 160

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

I’m excited to announce the Freedom Foundation began airing our latest television ad in the Clark County media market.
Calvin Ravencraft, a resident of Battleground, is a dues-paying member of SEIU— an organization he never asked to join, whose objectives he doesn’t share, and from whose clutches he’s spent years trying to escape.  Ravencraft has participated in a state-run program since 2006 in which he is paid a monthly stipend by Medicaid in return for providing 24/7 care for his daughter.
He contacted SEIU 775 last October and requested it stop confiscating monthly dues – which amount to over 3 percent of his gross pay.  In response, the union claimed he’d signed a membership card and consequently, it would not process his request until his opt-out window opened again next year.   However, when Ravencraft pressed SEIU to produce his alleged membership card, they refused. 
The Freedom Foundation is standing up for the rights of home healthcare providers like Calvin Ravencraft and is proud to tell his story.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Brambeltt—stay informed.