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The Freedom Update – Episode 162

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A Washington in-home caregiver and SEIU 775 squared off on Feb. 23 in the Washington State Supreme Court over the scheme by which the union has illegally siphoned millions of dollars in dues money from its members since 2014.
The subject at hand was SEIU 775’s policy of assuming workers are union members – and asking the state’s Department of Social and Health Services to deduct monthly dues on their behalf – until the workers take affirmative steps to opt out.
The suit, which names SEIU 775, DSHS and Gov. Jay Inslee as defendants, was filed by the Freedom Foundation on behalf of Miranda Thorpe, a homecare provider who cares for her daughter, Sarena.
When she became a caregiver, Thorpe made a conscious decision not to join SEIU 775.
Thorpe never signed a card or gave permission to take dues from her paycheck. But sure enough, she realized after a few months of providing care the state was still deducting full union dues every month.
A Thurston County Superior Court judge rejected Thorpe’s claim and sided with the state and union. However, the Washington Supreme Court unanimously agreed to hear Miranda’s appeal directly, bypassing the Washington Court of Appeals.

Litigation Attorney, David Dewhirst and Miranda Thorpe both spoke after the hearing.

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