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The Freedom Update – Episode 167

Hi and welcome to the Freedom Update
Earlier this month, Democrats on the Washington State Legislature’s House Finance Committee approved House Bill 2186 to raise $2.8 billion in new taxes.
The measure’s most talked-about provision is the creation of a new tax on the capital gains income of Washingtonians—which is an income tax.

The Washington State Constitution makes clear that an income tax – especially one applied unequally – is not permissible in Washington State, and the Freedom Foundation is reminding Gov. Jay Inslee and legislators of that fact.

Last Thursday, we hand delivered a letter to Gov. Inslee and all state lawmakers promising that if this law is passed, we will sue to defend the taxpayers. 
Journalists at The News Tribune have noted how this letter may give lawmakers reason to pause.
“Conservative groups are ready to put that to the test: the Freedom Foundation think tank delivered a note to Inslee on Thursday saying the organization will ‘promptly’ file a suit to overturn a capital gains tax should one pass the Legislature.”

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.