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The Freedom Update – Episode 168

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

This week’s episode is titled “Burning Down The Trojan Horse.”

The Freedom Foundation filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the State of Washington from enforcing Initiative 1501—SEIU’s $2 million initiative to create a monopoly on communicating with workers.
The initiative violates the First Amendment because it makes it impossible for union members and the Freedom Foundation to communicate with other union members.

SEIU created I-1501 to target and eliminate the our highly effective communication with union members—it’s a restraint on speech and therefore unconstitutional.
I-1501 also violates the Equal Protection Clause because it gives the unions, who are private organizations, continued access to the lists of public workers, but denies them to everyone else.
The Freedom Foundation asked the judge for a temporary restraining order to suspend enforcement of I-1501 until a fuller hearing could be held. The judge denied the request, noting that the initiative passed five months ago so there was no rush now to prevent enforcement of it, but the judge was troubled that the initiative only allowed pro-union speech.
The Freedom Foundation will present more evidence and briefing at a full hearing in the near future.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.