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The Freedom Update – Episode 176

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

Washington State and DSHS are ignoring the law, again. So Freedom Foundation filed suit against the state of Washington, again.

Brad Boardman, who is contracted by the state to provide care for vulnerable individuals, submitted a public records request to obtain a list of names of his fellow caregivers, but DSHS is refusing to give it to him.
Initiative 1501, funded almost exclusively by SEIU, passed last fall to dismantle a portion of the Public Records Act to preserve the union’s monopoly of information to the caregivers under its control.

But, in I-1501, there is an exemption which states:

RCW 42.56.645(1)(g)

[1] Nothing… shall prevent the release of public information in the following circumstances:

[g] The information is released to a person or entity under contract with the state to manage, administer, or provide services to vulnerable residents…

It seems clear that Brad is entitled to this information and Federal Judge Benjamin Settle seems to agree, noting that RCW 42.56.645(1)(g) appeared to be mandatory, leaving no discretion to the agency [DSHS] in regards to disclosure.
The Freedom Foundation suit, if successful, would allow caregivers to acquire the names of fellow caregivers with whom they wish to communicate.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.