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The Freedom Update – Episode 184

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

Back in 2015, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance which would allow labor unions to organize drivers for ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft operating in Seattle. Under this ordinance, the companies must hand over the personal contact information for all their drivers to a union.

This allows the union to approach drivers one at a time and pressure them to sign union cards. If the union can collect cards from a majority of drivers, then the union gets to represent all drivers in the city and force them all to pay union dues. The ordinance denies drivers the ability to vote on unionization in a secret-ballot election free from coercion.

Because of the shady nature of this ordinance, a handful of lawsuits, including one from the Freedom Foundation, were filed to reverse it. With litigation still in play, the companies have not yet had to turn over their employee lists to the Teamsters.

Just last week, the second to last of these lawsuits was dismissed by a federal judge. Now, the only remaining lawsuit standing in the way of the union getting their hands on the personal contact information, is the Freedom Foundation. We are the last line of defense against the union forcing themselves on another group of workers.

We’ll keep you updated as the case progresses.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m Raimee Sluder—stay informed.