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The Freedom Update – Episode 187

Hi and welcome to the Freedom Update For years Washington Federation of State Employees has been charging its members far more than it needs to function and do its collective bargaining. Whether someone agrees with the union, or not, no one would agree to being overcharged for services.

WFSE takes 1.5 percent of more than 42,000 public employee salaries. The extra millions of dollars being spent by the union on political candidates and causes has been challenged in court, and the court agrees: Those in unions cannot be forced to pay for whatever union executives feel like spending money on.

Now WFSE will reduce the payroll deduction by 22 percent for anyone who wants to exercise this right. The Freedom Foundation is now alerting tens of thousands of these workers that the union will stop overcharging, and lower their dues—they only need to tell the union in writing.

Members of WFSE can go to our website,, and get a form to start paying less—today.

That’s all for this week, I’m Raimee Sluder, stay informed.