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The Freedom Update – Episode 192

Hi and welcome to The Freedom Update

The most politically aggressive union in the state, SEIU 775, doesn’t seem to like the Freedom Foundation telling their members they have a choice in regard to union membership.

When the Freedom Foundation asked the state for the schedule of caregivers’ mandatory contracting appointments, which is public record, the state delayed the release  so that SEIU had time to sue. The SEIU bosses can afford multiple frivolous lawsuits because they do a fraction of the work of other unions and charge double the dues.

After losing one court battle after another to the Freedom Foundation, they still appealed to the Washington State Supreme Court in an attempt to block our ability to hand out information at these meetings.

I am happy to report that just last week we received an order from the court denying SEIU 775’s Petition for Discretionary Review.

This means we are now showing up at meetings and providing information to caregivers—much to the union’s distain.

That’s all for this week—until next week, I’m David Bramblett—stay informed.