Freedom Foundation

About Freedom Foundation

Our mission is to advance individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited, accountable government

We have a vision of a day when opportunity, responsible self-governance, and free markets flourish in America because its citizens understand and defend the principles from which freedom is derived.

We are…

A 501(c)(3) non-profit think and action tank with offices in Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California. Founded in 1991 by Bob Williams and Lynn Harsh as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, today we are a national leader in winning the fight for freedom at the state and local level.


The Freedom Foundation is working to reverse the stranglehold government unions have on our state and local policymaking. There is no way to meaningfully expand freedom, opportunity or prosperity unless we make collective bargaining in government more transparent and accountable to the public, give government employees meaningful choices about whether to join and be represented by a union, and prohibit taxpayer’s money from being unwillingly used to subsidize government unions and influence the political system. Freedom Foundation has the will and skill to take on those who attack our freedom.

How we do it…

From humble beginnings with just two staff members and 341 supporters, the Freedom Foundation team has grown to include about 50 staff and over 5,000 volunteers and financial supporters. Every contribution to the Freedom Foundation is voluntary. Every member of our team is dedicated to advancing our mission to make our country a better place for people to live, work and flourish.

What people are saying about the Freedom Foundation

“They have the courage to do what needs to be done and they are changing our state for the better.”

– Dino Rossi
(Former) State Senator

“…the one group fighting back against the union political machine in Washington State.”

– David Boze
Radio Host

“Freedom Foundation stands up for teachers and others against union bullies.”

– Cindy Omlin, Executive Director
Northwest Professional Educators

“I will definitely be opting out, I have friends that don’t pay the dues and things are exactly the same for them. So why pay real money when there isn’t a real benefit?”

– Jenifer Burdick

“I know that with your support of Tom McCabe and the Freedom Foundation, we are going to win this battle.”

– Cleta Mitchell
Attorney (Who Uncovered the Obama IRS Scandal)

“The state of Washington and the union wouldn’t publicize the [Harris v. Quinn] ruling to let people know they didn’t have to pay dues. That’s why God invented the Freedom Foundation in Olympia, to make sure that all of these home healthcare workers knew that they had this option”

– John Carlson
Radio Host

“Congratulations to the Freedom Foundation. You have proved once again that you are in this fight against the communists and intend to win it!”

– Ken Eikenberry
(Former) WA Attorney General