Freedom Foundation

Victim of union forgery files lawsuit

Cindy Ochoa, a Spokane home-care services provider, contacted the Freedom Foundation after she noticed SEIU 775 was deducting dues from her paycheck.

Outreach to School Employees in California Proceeds Vigorously

The Freedom Foundation has started an ambitious outreach effort to the 870,000 public school employees in California. Most of these are in workplaces that, until recently, required them have automatic union payroll deductions as a condition of working in a school.

Freedom Foundation’s canvassing efforts crank up

Last week our canvassers were outside of state and local government all over the state informing public employees of their right to opt out of paying union dues.

Susan McCabe and the letter that launched 300 opt-outs

Susan, the wife of Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe, responded to NWAP’s most recent mail and telephone slander campaign by fighting fire with fire.

Court of Appeals releases public records to Freedom Foundation over SEIU 925 objection

Freedom Foundation can finally receive a list of family childcare providers it requested from the state nearly two years ago.

Tacoma teacher strike prompts legislators to hint at new property taxes

Across Washington state, the union for teachers, WEA, has been prodding teachers to strike and to demand enormous pay raises.

Lawsuit demands public employees who opted out of union receive refund of ‘agency fees’

The Freedom Foundation and the Washington, D.C.-based National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation are continuing to apply the precedent in this summer’s Janus ruling to hold public sector unions accountable for millions of dollars’ worth of illegal fee deductions over the years.

SEIU forges signature on legally binding contract

It’s no secret SEIU 775 is desperate to maintain its membership, but stooping to forgery marks a new low.