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Billboards Expose Facts Unions Desperately Want to Suppress

At the Freedom Foundation, we’re constantly exploring new ways to pierce the veil of union lies and inform public-sector workers about constitutional rights many don’t even realize they have.

Freedom Foundation helps 25,000 escape government unions since Janus

West coast labor leaders — that is, the ones who haven’t mysteriously retired, been forced into academia or consultant positions,  abruptly stepped down or simply decided to spend more time with their kids rather than battle the Freedom Foundation — continue to dismiss any suggestion their members...

WFSE membership down 20% since Janus

The largest state employees' union in Washington claims it hasn't lost members since the Supreme Court made dues payment optional in June. In fact, government data sources show that, after Freedom Foundation outreach, 20% are no longer supporting the union financially.

Susan McCabe and the letter that launched 300 opt-outs

Susan, the wife of Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe, responded to NWAP’s most recent mail and telephone slander campaign by fighting fire with fire.

Tacoma teacher strike prompts legislators to hint at new property taxes

Across Washington state, the union for teachers, WEA, has been prodding teachers to strike and to demand enormous pay raises.