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Seattle income tax stopped… for now

Freedom Foundation has stopped the illegal Seattle income tax, but the city is appealing

California union caught forging signatures

A union in California was caught forging a member's signature.

Supreme Court may rule union opt-out schemes are illegal

The U.S. Supreme Court is the final word on American constitutional protections. Sometimes the Court decides to take a second look at issues it previously decided.

How teachers can boost their income

Many educators are paying more than $1,000 to the Washington Education Association (WEA), but they resent the overcharges or disagree with political spending of the union.

Santa brings holiday raises to government workers

For the third straight year, the Freedom Foundation is sponsoring an awareness-raising program in which Santa Claus informs government employees in Oregon of their right to give themselves a valuable gift this holiday season by opting out of union dues and paying a reduced agency fee instead.