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How Are LAUSD Strike Negotiations Going? We’re In The Dark. Collective Bargaining Needs Some Sunshine

More than 30,000 teachers have walked out of classrooms and are striking for the first time in three decades, disrupting the education of more than half a million K-12 students and the lives of their families.

The Power Of One Voice

Often the power of just one voice is enough to alter the course of events. When it comes to public-sector unions, membership rates are directly associated with whether workers speak up or ask questions about the union.

Why Freedom Foundation will appeal flawed state court decision to U.S. Supreme Court

The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled the Freedom Foundation should have disclosed as a campaign expense the value of free legal services it provided to citizen sponsors of several local ballot measures in 2014. Here's why we plan to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

LA Teachers Authorize Strike for First Time in 30 Years

For the first time in nearly 30 years, United Teachers Los Angeles has voted to authorize a teacher strike. The 650,000 students of the nation’s second-largest school district will not be in class during a time where student outcomes are plummeting.

Union Operatives Have Questions? We Have Answers

This week the Freedom Foundation’s Oregon director, Aaron Withe, spoke at the public affairs forum in Washington County. The topic of discussion was to be the Janus decision and how public employees could free themselves from union tyranny.

SEIU 775 membership drops after Freedom Foundation litigation

State payroll data indicate only three-quarters of individual provider home care aides had union dues withheld from their wages in October 2018, the lowest percentage since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Harris v. Quinn made dues payment optional.