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Freedom Foundation’s Annual Dinner

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Freedom Foundation Annual Dinner featuring Dinesh D’Souza. We hope you will be joining us in celebrating worker freedom!

Freedom Foundation staff spends the day spreading the word

Freedom Foundation staff was walking the streets of Pierce County on Aug. 6 telling teachers what their union won’t – that they’re no longer required to pay monthly dues or fees to a corrupt oligarchy whose values they don’t share.

Portland’s bizarre lawsuit against Freedom Foundation ends in embarrassing defeat

It's been a few months since we announced that, as expected, a Multnomah County Circuit Judge dismissed the city’s suit in its entirety.

California’s victory streak continues

Janus only applies to nonmembers, claimed Juan Delgado, a Teamsters 1932 representative.

Lawsuit catches union already violating Janus

Unions have been abusing state-granted privileges for generations.

SEIU 1199NW Restores over $3,000 of fees to objecting public sector nurses in settlement agreement

In 2017, seven nurses from Harborview Medical Center took issue with the fees they were paying SEIU 1199NW every month in lieu of full union dues.