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Bad union bills

One of the last legal, systemic civil rights violations in the United States of America is the payment millions are forced to make to finance the union campaign to reshape politics, government and culture.

Outgoing union leader offers feeble retort to lawsuit

Two days after being hit with yet another Freedom Foundation lawsuit, SEIU 503 posted a statement on its website in the hopes of convincing its remaining members of…

Glenwood teachers vote out Washington Education Association (WEA)

Teachers in the Glenwood School District voted to decertify the Washington Education Association (WEA).

Moving Forward!

The Orange County Board of Supervisors granted the Freedom Foundation’s request to formally consider whether to provide all new incoming IHSS providers a written and oral notice of their First Amendment rights in relation to their union.

SEIU 503 refuses to honor opt-out requests

The Freedom Foundation filed a lawsuit against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and SEIU 503 alleging the union – with the governor’s blessing – has refused to honor numerous care providers’ constitutionally protected requests to opt out.