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WFSE Responds to Freedom Foundation Outreach With Clown Car, Clowns

When a handful of Freedom Foundation outreach staffers on Wednesday deployed at a state office building, the union responded like the clown show it is, rolling out a massive motor home

Three Years Later, SEIU 775 Finally Pays for Its Fraud

Cindy Ochoa’s long — but ultimately successful — quest for justice is a case study in just how reprehensible SEIU 775’s operatives can be, how little concern the union has for anything but its members’ dues money and how doggedly the Freedom Foundation pursues litigation on behalf of workers’...

Weaponizing Taxes

If revenue is up 10 percent, why are Gov. Jay Inslee and Democrat leaders in the Legislature so convinced tax increases are needed?

Freedom Foundation Helps Free Oregon School Employees

The Freedom Foundation is constantly looking for new ways to expand its footprint as we continue weakening the stronghold government unions have on our state government. In Oregon, that has recently entailed growing our target audience to now include members of Oregon School Employees Association...

Unions unable to defend double standard in HB 1575 debate

In a committee hearing in the Washington State Senate, union lobbyists struggle to explain double standards in legislation they support that would undermine Janus v. AFSCME.

What is AFSCME Afraid of?

AFSCME President Lee Saunders called the decision an “attack” on the union itself, going so far as to create a video for all the unions’ members — whom he must consider mindless — ordering them to disregard any and all communication they receive from the Freedom Foundation.