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Freedom in California Podcast

Freedom California S2 E1: Litigation, Campaigns, and Campaign Finance

Samuel is joined by Matthew Hayward, Washington Outreach Director, and Timothy Snowball, California Litigator. Watch as they discuss Tim’s background as a lawyer, our most recent campaigns over Christmas, and a campaign finance complaint filed against the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association.

Freedom California Podcast Ep. 10 – Escape Periods & Slidewaters Lawsuite

Samuel Coleman & Matthew Hayward are joined by Lauren Bowen, the Outreach Director for the State of Ohio, to discuss union contract escape periods, how unions use these contracts to bend the law, and a victory in the Slidewaters lawsuit in Washington State.

Freedom California Ep. 9 – Censorship, SEIU 1000, and Forgery Update

This week, Samuel Coleman is joined by Matthew Hayward, Washington Outreach Director, and Ashley Varner, Vice President of Communications. We discuss censorship and how it affects our digital footprint on websites like Twitter and Facebook, SEIU 1000’s massive membership losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and an update on our ongoing forgery cases.


Freedom California Episode 8: Dues Moratorium, SEIU Political Spending, and Gov. Inslee

Join us this week as we discuss a SEIU caucus putting a temporary moratorium on collecting union dues, SEIU’s political spending habits, and Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s 349 proclamations. Hosted by Samuel Coleman, Freedom Foundation California Director and guests Matthew Hayward, Washington Outreach Director, and Ashley Varner, Vice President of Communications.

Freedom California Episode 7: CSEA Lies, Government Transparency & Unions Push to Defund Police

Samuel Coleman, California Outreach Director, is joined by Matthew Hayward, Washington Outreach Director, and Ashley Varner, Vice President of Communications. Together, they discuss CSEA’s recent lies to their members, the importance of transparency in collective bargaining, and a recent union push to defund the police.

Freedom California Episode 6.5: Lawsuit to Re-Open Schools & Pennsylvania Lockdown.

Ashley Varner, VP of Communications, and Mariah Gondeiro, Lead California Litigator, talk about a new lawsuit filed on behalf of the Freedom Foundation to re-open schools statewide in California. Later, they discuss the recent court case in Pennsylvania declaring most lockdown requirements unconstitutional.

Freedom California Episode 6: AFSCME & Stoia V. SEIU 2015

Samuel Coleman, California’s Outreach Director, is joined my Mariah Gondeiro, lead California Litigator, and Ashley Varner, VP of communications, talk about recent activities at the Freedom Foundation and inside California. Join us while we discuss AFSCME 2620 overcharging their members by nearly 600 percent, a recently filed lawsuit against SEIU 2015, and a hot mic incident in Los Angeles County that has an unelected health officer in hot water.

Freedom California Episode 5: Kamala’s Union Connection, CTA’s Double Standard & AFSCME’s Hateful Rhetoric

Freedom Foundation California’s Outreach Director Samuel Coleman is joined Mariah Gondeiro, lead California litigator, and Ashley Varner, Vice President of Communications. Join us as we discuss the Kamala Harris – SEIU connection, the California Teachers Association’s double

Freedom California Episode 4. Shady Newsom, COVID Data & Freedom Foundation Under Fire

This week, Samuel Coleman discusses Governor Newson’s shady business dealings and unreported gifts worth millions, issues with California’s COVID-19 data, and an attack on the Freedom Foundation with California Litigator Mariah Gondeiro and Development Associate William Petry.

Freedom California Episode 3: Masks & Water Parks – COVID-19 Summer

Sam Coleman and Mariah Gondeiro discuss mask lawsuits, water parks, and COVID-19 summer in California and Washington with Freedom Foundation litigator Shella Sadovnik.

Freedom California Episode 2: Fighting to make government more transparent.

Freedom Foundation’s California litigator Mariah Gondeiro Watt and Outreach Director Sam Coleman discuss recent lawsuit’s filed by the Freedom Foundation against CalHR and San Bernardino County under the California Public Records Act.

Freedom California Episode 1: Union Forgeries & Dues Fraud