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Legacy Society members have provided for the Freedom Foundation in their will, charitable trust or by other extraordinary levels of commitment to the ideals of freedom and liberty.

As Legacy Society members, they have very often made better estate planning decisions for themselves and their loved ones by avoiding unnecessary taxes and increasing spendable lifetime income.

The list of Freedom Foundation Legacy Society members on the Wall of Honor grows each year. We are eternally grateful for every one who is helping to ensure that the message of freedom and liberty will continue for the next generation.

Each one of us already has an estate plan. It’s a plan by default, a government plan.

Government doesn’t know or care who we were; our achievements, our faith, principles, ethics, or our devotion to our family.

In this plan, hard-earned assets can be unnecessarily taxed and heirs can be left with little or nothing.


The only way to make sure that your estate plan reflects your wishes is to design it yourself with competent counsel.

Will your legacy be transferred to the next generation as a windfall profit for government programs, a means to finance a lifestyle of indulgence, as a new capital for center-left organizations? Or will it be a responsible transfer of values held dear by the one who earned the money?

Make sure that you are the author of your own personal estate plan — and be sure to sign it.

Legacy Workshops

For ten years, the Freedom Foundation has presented these complimentary workshops to our members and friends. Whether you are just beginning to think about your will or estate plan or need to update your current documents, you will leave this workshop energized and equipped to collaborate with your own professional advisors and get it done. Your family, your assets and your legacy will be secured.

  • The entire event, including a hot buffet lunch, is complimentary.
  • Nothing is sold. This workshop is our gift to you for supporting the mission of the Freedom Foundation.
  • RESERVE TODAY. Bring your spouse, grown child, friend, colleague or personal advisor. We guarantee you will be glad you came.

Here are some ideas on how to give.

By donating stock or property to the Freedom Foundation instead of selling it, you can write off the entire value, avoid capital gains taxes and, for some donors, reduce the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By Will
Donating through a will or living trust reduces the size of your taxable estate, possibly saving up to fifty-five percent in estate(death) taxes.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance, Retirement Unitrusts and Charitable Gift Annuities are just a few other ways to protect your assets and ensure that your estate plan reflects your wishes.

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