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On July 10, 2017, the Seattle City Council adopted a targeted income tax. This tax violates several laws and constitutional provisions. The City Council knows it. But it hopes that Washington courts will depart from clear law and precedent and uphold its tax. The City Council claims this tax remediates inequality. It doesn't. It institutionalizes inequality.  

That's why the Freedom Foundation has partnered with the best tax litigators in the Pacific Northwest to attack and strike down this ordinance. We believe in every person's right to equal treatment under law. Seattle's law stands for something else – that some people can be singled out and punished in the name of "progress."

Find regular updates on our case here. We must fight this battle, here and now, to prevent a statewide income tax, later. Freedom Foundation has the strategy and the team to win. But we need your help. 

Press Release - Freedom Foundation Teams Up With Lane Powell To Challenge Seattle Income Tax

Please generously donate to this fight. Together, we can strike down this illegal tax and restore some measure of political sanity to Seattle and Western Washington.

For questions and inquires, contact David Dewhirst at DDewhirst@FreedomFoundation.com