Billboards Urge ‘King Newsom’ To Relax COVID Restrictions

Billboards Urge ‘King Newsom’ To Relax COVID Restrictions

Billboards Urge ‘King Newsom’ To Relax COVID Restrictions

While Gavin Newsom loafs around the $3.7 million Fair Oaks Victorian mansion essentially given to him by a satisfied business partner for services rendered, the California governor has the gall to demand further sacrifices from thousands of small business owners.

Not all of them, you understand. Just the ones he and his partisan advisors have determined to be “nonessential.”

A new billboard campaign, however, calls him on the hypocrisy.

The first, erected in Fair Oaks just steps from the governor’s “House That Graft Built,” showed up on Aug. 4 and admonishes “King Newsom” to remember that “Families are essential, too,” and demands he “Let us work!”

“Gavin Newsom took an oath to represent the interests of all Californians, not just the ones whose political views align with his,” said Bob Wickers, California director for the Freedom Foundation, which purchased the billboards. “But rather than seeing the COVID outbreak as a problem to be solved, he considers it an opportunity to be exploited.”

Like liberal governors in other states, he said, Newsom has grown overly attached to the “emergency powers” he claimed when the virus first appeared, using them to reward his allies and punish those who don’t support his agenda.

Equally important, they’re willing to sabotage their own state economies in order to foment the kind of chaos it might take to improve their own prospects in the November election.

“If Elon Musk can move Tesla out of California, which companies wouldn’t leave?” Wickers asked. “The livelihoods of millions of California residents are being kicked around by the governor like a political football.

“It’s long past time for Newsom to end their ordeal,” Wickers continued. “These people need to go back to work, and they shouldn’t have to surmount a barrier of needless regulations erected by their own governor to do so.”

A second billboard will be erected at an as-yet-unannounced location later this week.