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Washington’s inflated numbers influencing everyone — except its governor

Imagine finding out your 99-year old mother, who passed away from complications after a fall, was listed as a COVID death by a Health Department that had already admitted it falsely counted people who died of gunshot wounds as victims of the virus.

Now, imagine finding out this difficult information from a national news program.

That’s what happened to Christine Frye while watching Freedom Foundation’s Max Nelsen by Fox News host Laura Ingraham in December. Ingraham and Nelsen were discussing his report about how the Washington DOH is continuing to inflate the state’s COVID numbers, and one of the descriptions sounded eerily familiar to the Frye case.

Christine Frye contacted the Freedom Foundation and had a lengthy discussion with Nelsen, who confirmed it was, in fact, Frye’s mother Nelsen found on the COVID death list.

Frye agreed to tell her story on video, which you can view here.

That video got the attention of Seattle radio hosts John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur, longtime friends of the Freedom Foundation.

Nelsen joined Frye on KVI Seattle’s “Commute with Carlson”, which you can listen to here.

Wilbur, who’s about to retire after 20 years on the air, had Frye on “The Kirby Wilbur Show” to tell her story here.

Your Freedom Foundation team hopes stories like Mrs. Frye’s will finally make Gov. Jay Inslee stop lying to justify his extreme COVID countermeasures and start leveling with Washingtonians about the situation.