For teachers’ unions, back to school means a return to leftist indoctrination

For teachers’ unions, back to school means a return to leftist indoctrination

For teachers’ unions, back to school means a return to leftist indoctrination

It’s back to school time across the nation, and teachers’ unions are back once again in the news because they can’t help but focus on divisive topics that line the pockets of union bigwigs and the radically liberal politicians they support but do nothing to help teachers and students in the classroom.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), was effusive in her praise for the Inflation Reduction Act, which was last week passed by the U.S. Senate because it includes roughly $300 billion spent to slay the mythical dragon of climate change.

That it does nothing to improve education outcomes matters not at all to AFT’s president.

This week, the union was caught once again venturing out of its lane by providing teachers guidance on schooling students about woke pronouns without parents knowing.

The union helpfully produced a pronoun card that includes a question asking whether the students want their parents to know about their pronouns. AFT’s “Share My Lesson” website promoted using the cards in “all” grade levels.

While second-largest the nation’s teachers’ unions goes relentlessly about its mission to promote a radical left-wing agenda, and it’s entirely tone deaf to what teachers and parents want for their kids in the classroom.

Union leaders seem incapable of connecting the dots between their insistence on turning classrooms into liberal indoctrination centers and the burgeoning national teacher shortage.

The Texas State Teachers Association reports that 70 percent of the 688 teachers polled would seriously consider leaving their profession.

A similar study found that almost 94 percent of surveyed teachers claimed COVID increased stress in their professional lives, and 84 percent said their workload and planning requirements increased.

The stress of COVID was founded by the leadership in teachers’ unions like Randi Weingarten, keeping schools closed longer by working with the CDC. Or the push these teachers’ unions have done to add controversial liberal ideas to the classroom.

Much of this can be attributed to AFT and its big sister, the National Education Association (NEA), turning the pandemic into a political football.

Also, in the last two years, 2 percent (80,000) of teachers have dropped their affiliation with the NEA and the AFT.

Teachers want to teach children reading, writing, and arithmetic without the added burden of brainwashing the next generation of socialists.

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