New York: Union exodus more than a number; it’s a movement

New York: Union exodus more than a number; it’s a movement

New York: Union exodus more than a number; it’s a movement

If you thought 2023 was a banner year for the Big Apple shaking off the union shackles, 2024 is turning out to be the blockbuster sequel we didn’t know we were waiting for.

For the month, the Freedom Foundation noted a jaw-dropping 57 percent spike in New Yorkers giving their union the air compared to this time last year. And here’s the kicker: Nearly half of these newly minted free agents are from New York’s largest big government union, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).

Union leaders love to gather in front of a camera, frantically attempting to paint the Freedom Foundation in a negative light to their members. What they fail to appreciate is that their efforts highlights our impact and effectiveness in reaching their audience. Their continuous messaging serves as an unintended testament to the attention and consideration we’ve generated among their members.

Our strategy isn’t rocket science. We believe in laying out the cold, hard facts about what union dues are doing to public employees’ paychecks. And, let’s be real, their freedom to choose.

And guess what? When folks get a clear picture, they’re not just walking away. They’re sprinting.

The surge in CSEA opt-outs is more than a pat on the back for us. It’s a glaring neon sign that our message isn’t just being heard – it’s being listened to. And believed.

It turns out that when you give people the truth and the tools to reclaim their financial autonomy, they jump at the opportunity.

The takeaway is that that the Freedom Foundation is hitting on all cylinders in New York, and we’re just getting warmed up. The numbers don’t lie, and neither do the countless New Yorkers now enjoying a bit more liberty in their lives and cash in their pockets.

To all the naysayers, doubters and especially those CSEA top brass sweating it out on livestreams, the people have spoken. And to everyone who’s joined us on this wild ride, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your support fuels this fight for freedom and choice.

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The Freedom Foundation is all about putting the power back where it belongs — in your hands. Let’s keep this freedom train rolling, New York.

Outreach Coordinator
Ryan Brooks joined the Freedom Foundation in May of 2021. Before that, he gained a great deal of experience in the political arena by working for various political campaigns in Washington and Alaska. Ryan is a native of Spokane, Washington. He is a US Army Veteran and graduate from Full Sail University. When he’s not out fighting big government unions, Ryan enjoys going on adventures in the wilderness and enjoying life in the country with his family.