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WFSE-AFSCME Members: The 22 Percent Union Dues Reduction Option

If you are, or know public employees represented by the Washington Federation of State Employees, did you know the court ruled in favor of employees who were frustrated with union overcharges?

Did you know your union dues are being used for more than simply representing you? Millions of dollars of dues are spent on elections and ideological causes that have nothing to do with workplace representation.

Union dues for Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) are 1.5 percent of your wages. Roughly 25 percent of that money is sent to the national union, AFSCME, in Washington, D.C. By the union’s own calculation, 22 percent of your union dues is used for extraneous purposes like elections and ideological causes.

Decades ago, public employees Louis and Annie challenged the idea that unions can charge as much as they want and spend on activity that doesn’t relate to collective bargaining.

Thanks to their courage, the U.S. Supreme Court acted to rein in unions’ ability to overcharge, which it found violated the First Amendment rights of workers.
To opt out of the excess dues, like many public employees already do, send in the letter below.

The union will continue to collect all the money it needs to fully cover the cost of representation, and your contract-provided compensation, benefits and conditions of employment remain unchanged.

You are also still paying the full cost of union services like contract enforcement, grievances and discipline assistance, so the union will continue to provide those services.

The current amount of dues including politics is 1.5 percent of wages.

Amount deducted if you pay just the agency fee is 1.17 percent.

To join public employees across Washington in avoiding WFSE/AFSCME overcharges, simply send this letter and the union will only charge you for workplace services.

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