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Forcibly Unionized Pastor and Her Elderly Mother Face Eviction Because Union Won’t Help Get Wages Owed To Her, Freedom Foundation Files Suit on Her Behalf

Rosetta Horne is a home health care provider taking care of her 89-year old severely ill mother. DSHS pays Rosetta to do so. She is forced to have the state’s most powerful union, SEIU 775, represent her in dealings with DSHS. She opted out of the union because she is a pastor and has strong objections to how the union spent her dues on left-wing causes such as Planned Parenthood. She appeared in a television spot for the Foundation urging others to opt out of the union.

DSHS stopped paying her in August with no notice. She found out when a check bounced. She – and her mother – now face eviction.

Freedom Foundation filed a lawsuit on her behalf to get her paid what is owed to her and for a constitutional violation. The Foundation has asked Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who received millions of dollars from SEIU, to simply pay Rosetta Horne what is owed to her and the Foundation will waive all the other costs the state will incur from these violations. To date, the Attorney General has not responded to the lawsuit or sincere request to pay her before she and her mother are evicted.