Freedom Foundation

SEIU is charging non-union nurses for political and non-bargaining activities

Attorneys with the Freedom Foundation and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation jointly filed complaints on behalf of two private sector, non-union nurses who are forced to pay dues to SEIU 1199NW.

The National Labor Relations Act permits, but does not require, such forced dues. Not only does SEIU 1199NW force employees to pay these dues, but the way the union has implemented it violates legal protections for nonmembers. The Act does not allow unions to force nonmembers to pay for political or otherwise non-bargaining related activities. It also prohibits unions from throwing up unreasonable barriers to safeguarding nonmembers’ right to be free from paying for political activities.

SEIU 1199NW has been charging its nonmembers for organizing activities outside the scope of bargaining, and has implemented a program where nonmembers are locked into paying full dues if they fail to annually register their objections—in other words, they become full dues paying nonmembers without their consent!

Because this is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, the charges were filed with the National Labor Relations Board. Now, the Board will investigate the charges to determine how the complaint will proceed.