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Media Mentions – Week of February 11, 2018


Maxford Nelson from the Freedom Foundation joins Jason to talk about how much money unions spend on politics

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NFIB – Washington Legislature Into Late Night, Weekend Mode

This has been a week of late nights. First, the House Appropriations and Senate Ways & Means committees raced to hear and approve long lists of bills in advance of Tuesday’s deadline for legislation with a budgetary impact. Those panels considered as many as 75 bills in one day, finally ending hearings after 9 or 10 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.

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The News Tribune – Birthdates must stay in public records

In what’s becoming an all-too-common assault on open government, the Washington Senate voted last weekend in favor of legislation that aims to redact the birthdates of government employees from public record disclosures.

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The Chronicle – Our Views: Inslee and Company Choose Unions Over the Rest of Us

It’s certainly not surprising that Gov. Jay Inslee and many of his Democratic counterparts in the Legislature routinely choose to act in the interest of state worker unions over the rest of us.

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