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Media Mentions – Week of April 14th, 2019

KVI – KirbyCast April 11th-4pm hour

We have a treat this hour as Dr. Alex Berezow joins us live in studio for an impromptu “Real Science” segment and our other guest this hour is Max Nelson from the Freedom Foundation talking about how this week they asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision by the Washington State Supreme Court finding that FF broke the state’s campaign finance law

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The Washington State Wire – The Two Sides On This Session’s Janus Bill

The Washington State Senate recently passed HB 1575 off the floor in a 25-21 vote, almost entirely along party lines. The House floor vote was similarly split — the bill, which the Senate amended, now goes back to the House for a concurrence.

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The Stranger – Senate Democrats Introduce a Tax on Wealth Inequality

On Tuesday, Washington State Senator Joe Nguyen dropped a bill that would impose an excise tax on employers who pay their employees one million dollars or more.

Washington has fewer than 3,300 employees who earn over a million dollars, according to an analysis of compensation data from the Washington State Employment Security Department by the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), a think tank based in Seattle. That’s not a lot of people, but taxing their employers for paying them so much would make a big impact.

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