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Media Mentions – Week of January 20, 2019

East Oregonian – Unions Look To Take Advantage Of Democratic Leadership, Strong Economy In 2019

In November, educators and school children got a champion. The homeless got an advocate and environmentalists got a steward. But perhaps the people most happy with Gov. Kate Brown’s re-election reside in Oregon’s union shops.

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The Daily News – A Simple Majority Like Everything Else’: Educators Want Looser Bond Rules

The 60 percent supermajority requirement to pass school bonds is “not democracy,” and it’s time for state legislators to make it fair for districts to update and improve their buildings, said Castle Rock Superintendent Jim Mabbott.

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Washington Free Beacon – LA Teacher Sues Union Over Forced Dues

A public school teacher has filed a class action suit against United Teachers Los Angeles, alleging that it illegally subjected her to a strict window period for resigning her membership. The teacher attempted to cut off her dues payments following the Supreme Court’s Janus ruling, which declared mandatory fee payments unconstitutional, but was rebuffed by union officials. The suit argues that the “restrictive” resignation policy violates the First Amendment rights of teachers.

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Competitive Enterprise Institute – Oregon Introduces Taxpayer-Funded Union Subsidy

The Freedom Foundation summarizes:

The bill — a wolf in sheep’s clothing — first recognizes the newly affirmed rights given to workers in the Janus decision. Later, however, it creates a slush fund from which the state would pay the unions directly rather than deducting dues from workers’ paychecks.

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Edmonds Beacon – Mike Nelson Wants To Be Next Mayor Of Edmonds

SEUI received negative press in July 2017 when the state attorney general’s office filed charges against the union after it received a citizen action notice from the Freedom Foundation alleging multiple violations of the state’s public disclosure laws in April 2017.

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KVI – KirbyCast January 24th – 5PM Hour

GUEST: Maxford Nelsen, Director of Labor Policy, Freedom Foundation – he talks to Kirby about the filing of a brief with the US Supreme Court, seeking to end exclusive representation.

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Fox News – Loads Of American Workers Are Dropping Out Of Unions – Now Liberals Have A New Plan To Save Left’s Cash Cow

Government labor unions are losing dues-paying members at an unprecedented rate, which is good news for workers and bad news for liberal coffers. The mass exodus is forcing leaders on the left to address a serious problem: Their decades of financial backing from fat cat union bosses may be coming to an end.

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