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Media Mentions – Week of January 6th 2019

Washington Examiner – Conservatives To Take Another Swing At Public-Sector Unions

Conservative nonprofits are aiming for a Supreme Court ruling to curb public-sector unions’power by allowing them to limit the benefits they provide to workers who are card-carrying, dues-paying members, freezing out non-members.

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KVI – KirbyCast January 3rd-4pm Hour

A felon with a gun, a really dumb criminal story, Diane Warren drinks a beer on Instagram and other stories of the day plus Max Nelsen from the Freedom Foundation.

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Associated Press – Split Court: Local Initiatives Subject To Disclosure Rule

A split Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the attorney general’s office can pursue a campaign finance disclosure case against the conservative Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

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KVI – KirbyCast January 10th-4pm Hour

More questions for Dr. B since he is in studio, Max Nelson from the Freedom Foundation, stories about guns and This Day in History.

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Seattle Times – Washington State Supreme Court Declines To Review Ruling That Killed Seattle’s Income Tax

Several Seattle residents almost immediately sued, some backed by conservative organizations, including the Olympia-based Freedom Foundation.

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