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Media Mentions – Week of May 19th, 2019

Oregon Capital Bureau  – Unions Search For Path Around Dues Deduction Restrictions

A change in an obscure federal rule may pose a financial threat to one of Oregon’s largest public sector unions while also crimping the ability of home care workers to save for retirement.

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The College Fix – Democrats Overruled Voters To Impose Affirmative Action. But The GOP Joined Them To Kill ‘Exit Exams.’

A conservative policy group is cheering the end of “exit exams” in Washington state, saying the additional graduation requirement was full of holes and didn’t serve its purpose.

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Talk Radio KVI – KirbyCast May 23-4PM Hour

Kirby’s guest this hour is Marvin Charles with Dads-Divine Alternatives for Dads Services, our guest is Ashley Varner-VP of Communications and Federal Affairs from the Freedom Foundation and a caller wants to talk about Julian Assange.

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