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Media Mentions – Week of May 26th, 2019

Chicago Sun-Times – Fight Back Against Trump’s Attack On Unions And Home Health Care Workers

Now, though, in yet another attack on organized labor, the Trump administration has decreed that Medicaid payments to home health care workers — essentially, their paychecks — no longer can include a direct payment of union dues. Although there is no question the workers are voluntarily union members — they signed up — they won’t be able, as of July 1, to pay their dues by means of a simple deduction.

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Washington Free Beacon – Mom Accuses Union Of Forging Signature To Deduct Money From Disabled Daughter’s Checks

Maria Quezambra of California filed a federal lawsuit seeking to recover dues that she says United Domestic Workers Local 3930 (UDW) improperly took from the money that helps her take care of her daughter. She accused the union of misleading her about dues requirements, rebuffing her attempts to recover money, and trespassing on her property.

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Tacoma News Tribune – AG Ferguson Doesn’t Have To Turn Over Key Document In Union Dues Fight, Judge Says

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has prevailed in a lawsuit filed by a conservative group that accused him and his office of violating the state’s public records law to conceal a “political relationship” with attorneys general from two other West Coast states as well as two nationwide unions that represent home caregivers.

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PJ Media – The Next Citizens United? Freedom Foundation Fights Back After Dems Weaponize Campaign Finance Law

In October 2015, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D-Wash.) accused the Freedom Foundation of breaking the law by not reporting its pro bono legal work as a political contribution. The Freedom Foundation helps workers opt out of union dues if they disagree with a union’s political stance, and Ferguson supports unions. A superior court rightly overruled his ridiculous attack on the foundation’s pro bono work, but Washington State’s Supreme Court ruled against the foundation. Now the Freedom Foundation is appealing this important case to the U.S. Supreme Court, with powerful implications.

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National Legal and Policy Center – Washington State SEIU Affiliate Settles Suit Over Forged Signature

Service Employees International Union Local 775, it seems, would do anything for a buck, including continuing to collect dues from a former member. It’s now learned its limitations. On March 29, the Seattle-based union reached an out-of-court agreement with a Spokane home caregiver, Cindy Ochoa, following its admission that one of its canvassers had forged her signature on a membership card.

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