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Media Mentions – Week of November 17th, 2019

National Right to Work Newsletter – Union bosses and allied states defy Foundation-backed federal protections for homecare providers

With free legal aid from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys and the West Coast-based Freedom Foundation, a group of California homecare providers filed a class action lawsuit after union officials continued seizing union dues from their Medicaid payments.

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PR Watch – Koch Invested $127. Million in Building Right-Wing Infrastructure in 2018

Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries with an estimated net worth of $43.1 billion, distributed over $127.5 million in 2018 through his personal foundation to support right-wing infrastructure

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Wall Street Journal – Why Some Unions Are Losing Members

Some public-workers unions are experiencing steep losses of members and fees, dips largely triggered by a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that gave members an out.

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The Columbus Dispatch – Union Unhappy Over Email Dump

The Freedom Foundation, which tries to persuade government workers to stop paying dues to public-employee unions, has obtained the work email addresses of more than 30,000 state workers in Ohio.

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