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Media Mentions – Week of November 25

Jefferson Public Radio – Anti-Union Groups File Another Lawsuit To Destabilize Oregon Labor

On Tuesday, the Freedom Foundation, based in Olympia, and the Virginia-based National Right to Work Foundation filed suit against two of Oregon’s largest labor unions in an Oregon federal court. The groups are representing 10 plaintiffs who work for a variety of public agencies around the state, but they’re seeking permission to make their case a class-action suit, representing hundreds of employees.

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National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation – Oregon Civil Servants Bring Class Action Lawsuit To Halt Unconstitutional Collection Of Union Dues

A group of Oregon public employees have filed a federal class action complaint against two public sector unions and their employers. The lawsuit seeks to end union officials’ “window period” policies that block thousands of workers from exercising their constitutional right under the U.S. Supreme Court Janus decision to refrain from financially supporting a union.

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KATU – Freedom Foundation Sues Oregon Union Over Collection Of Dues

A conservative think tank is suing an Oregon labor union, claiming it violated a recent Supreme Court ruling around the collection of dues.

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East Oregonian – Freedom Foundation Takes Its Latest Shot At Oregon Unions

A conservative think tank is suing two Oregon labor unions, saying they are collecting union dues in violation of a U.S. Supreme Court decision last June.

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Willamette Week – Freedom Foundation Lawyers File Another Lawsuit Seeking Dues For Defecting Oregon Union Members

Ten public employees filed a class-action lawsuit this week demanding the return of union dues deducted from their paychecks even after they left the ranks of organized labor.

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The Bend Bulletin  – Editorial: Unions Should Treat Workers Fairly

Quit cable and the cable company doesn’t force you to keep paying for months on end. Quit a job and your employer can’t force you to keep working. Quit college and the school can’t force you to pay for classes you won’t attend. But just try to quit a public employee union in Oregon, and the union can keep making the employee pay for membership — sometimes for months on end.

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