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Media Mentions – Week of November 5th

KVI – KirbyCast November 2-3pm Hour

Kirby talks about the election and some recent polls, his guest is Steve Moore-economic policy analyst and the Freedom Foundation comments on how many state employees are opting out of the union.

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LifeZette – Major Union Membership Has Dropped Since Janus Decision, Research Finds

Government unions in the northwest have seen a massive decline in membership rates since state workers earned the right to relinquish their membership, according to research unveiled earlier this week.

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The  Columbian – Strong Lead For Paul Harris; Kraft Narrowly Leads Tanisha Harris In 17th District

First-term state Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, emerged with a thin early lead over her Democratic challenger, Tanisha Harris, on Tuesday night in what’s shaped up to be a competitive, expensive race.

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Washington Free Beacon – Big Labor Still All-In For Dems

The mass defection of union members to the Trump campaign over the objections of labor leaders does not appear to have shifted campaign behavior in the midterms.

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