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Media Mentions – Week of October 27th, 2019

Spokesman Review – Spin Control: Date-of-birth records are public, divided court says

The 5-4 decision, in a case that pits state employee unions against the anti-union Evergreen Freedom Foundation, said the workers’ dates of birth that were part of a government database are releasable under the state Public Records Act.

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Associated Press – Supreme Court rules no “vested right” to public records

The court ruled Thursday that Initiative 1501, which passed in November 2016 and took effect a month later, prevents the release of the information sought by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative group that requested names and work addresses and emails of child care providers in the state’s Working Connection program.

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Spokesman Review – Supreme Court rules no “vested right” to public records

The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that a 2016 voter-approved ballot measure that bars the release of personal information of in-home caregivers applies retroactively to pending records requests that were filed before the law took effect.

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KBI KirbyCast – Kirby Cast with Kirby Wilbur – Ashley Varner

Ashley Varner VP of Communications and Federal Affairs from the Freedom Foundation.

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AFSCME Council 8 – Statement from Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga on Freedom Foundation

The Freedom Foundation’s announcement that it will set up shop in Ohio is no surprise

Read More – Washington State Supreme Court rules that access to public records is not a vested right

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation submitted a request for access to the records of individuals providing childcare for low-income families in early November, 2016. On November 8, 2016, Washington voters approved state Initiative 1501.

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The Daily Chronicle – Union Support of School Board Candidate Causes Concern – For Both Sides

“They (union organizers funding Strong Centralia Schools) don’t like that I was pushing back on the raise, they don’t like the Freedom Foundation, and they want to make sure their dominance is evident to anybody and everybody that is involved with the school board,” Lund said.

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