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Freedom Foundation dismisses school closing case after Newsom sees the light

Last September, California schools were nowhere near the right track to reopen. Especially hurt by “zoom” education were children from disadvantaged backgrounds and children with special needs.

SEIU has a sexual predator problem

You may remember back in 2017, an expose by Buzzfeed revealed that SEIU International had an issue with sexual harassment. Under public scrutiny, SEIU fired two of its senior staffers.

Oregon Fails Vulnerable Students

Liam benefited from an excellent education through an Individual Education Plan, to which he is entitled under state and federal law—that is, until Governor Brown’s tyrannical mandates changed everything.

Washington’s inflated numbers influencing everyone — except its governor

Imagine finding out your 99-year old mother, who passed away from complications after a fall, was listed as a COVID death by a Health Department that had already admitted it falsely counted people who died of gunshot wounds as victims of the virus.

Newest SEIU 503 Federal Report Confirms Membership Still in Decline

The bad news just keeps coming for SEIU 503 — and the leftist politicians it exists to support with someone else’s money.

WA legislature kicks off 2021 session with hearing on unconstitutional capital gains income tax

The first bill to receive a hearing before the powerful Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee during the 2021 legislative session, which began this week, seeks to impose a capital gains income tax on Washington residents.

The 350-member hole we blew in SEIU 721 just became 650

If you’ve been following the saga of SEIU 721’s response to the Freedom Foundation’s holiday outreach campaign, you already know that the union is in full-on panic mode after losing hundreds of members over the past few weeks.

Freedom Foundation Report Helps Family Clear the Air About a Mother’s Passing

In December 2020, the Freedom Foundation reported that Washington State health officials were inflating the death toll from COVID-19.