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School Employees Sue Local Union for Refusing to Take No for an Answer

Four more Oregon school employees announced on Wednesday they were filing a lawsuit against their union for refusing to honor their request to opt out of membership and stop paying dues for services they don’t want.

20-Plus-Year Oregon School Employee Explains Why She Sought Freedom Foundation’s Help Leaving Her Union

Freedom Foundation attorneys on Thursday filed suit on behalf of Oregon school employees after their union refused to honor their request to opt out of membership and stop paying dues for services they don’t want.

Thanksgiving: The Holiday That Mirrors the Freedom Foundation’s Ideals

It’s a profound tragedy that American children aren’t taught the true lesson of Thanksgiving — one that reinforces the values of hard work and self-sufficiency reluctantly embraced by the Pilgrims and on which the nation they helped settle ultimately became the strongest, most prosperous on earth.

The City of Portland and the Evolution of Public Records

Portland has shown once again that it doesn’t really regard public records as public.

University of California Workers Sue AFSCME Over Illegal Dues Collections

On Tuesday, Marsh and six co-plaintiffs — all UC employees — filed suit in California’s Eastern District Court demanding the union be forced to follow the law.

Promoting Transparency at Public School Conference

Much of the blame for declining education services rests with the teachers’ unions and those who allowed them to hijack the priorities and budgets of school districts.

Oregon Public Employee Expresses Gratitude for Help Opting Out Of AFSCME

Tom Chappelle works for Multnomah County, Ore., in a small bargaining unit of around a dozen employees. He is not impressed with his union

Caregiver Alleges Deceptive SEIU 775 Email was Unfair Labor Practice

The Freedom Foundation has filed an unfair labor practice complaint against SEIU 775 on behalf of a home caregiver who received a deceptive email from the union trying to trick her into signing a nearly irrevocable union membership agreement online.