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Freedom Foundation Takes Janus Enforcement Effort National

Freedom Foundation has filed an “friend of the court” brief on behalf of itself and client Joseph Johnson in Hoekman v. Education Minnesota, an important case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

Another day, another union forgery attempt foiled

For the third time, the Freedom Foundation has obtained a successful outcome for a Medicaid-compensated homecare provider whose signature was forged on a membership agreement so her union could continue deducting dues from her modest pay against her wishes. The Foundation has obtained a judgment...

Proposed Amendment Sinks AFSCME’s HB 3029, Catches Union Leader in A Lie

One of the few bills specifically requested by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) during the Oregon State Legislature’s 2021 session will no longer be moving forward

RICO and Forgery at Oregon SEIU

Your Freedom Foundation has uncovered a dozen cases of government union officials forging signatures on membership forms in order to deduct dues from taxpayer-funded paychecks against the public employees’ will.

Judge’s Ruling Underestimates the Students’ Suffering, Overestimates UTLA’s Integrity

Superior Court Judge Mary Strobel’s decision on Thursday to deny a temporary restraining order against United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) in a personal injury lawsuit designed to get local kids back into the classroom would have made perfect sense under normal circumstances.

First-Of-Its-Kind Personal Injury Lawsuit Alleges UTLA Harming Students by Keeping Schools Closed

The Los Angeles Unified School District and the union representing its 30,000 teachers both cite concern for the safety of the district’s 600,000 students among the principal reasons the nation’s second-largest school district still has not yet re-opened for in-school learning.

ODOT Employee Sues Union, Invokes Racketeering Provisions

Staci Trees isn’t the first Oregon public employee to file suit against her union over its refusal to grant her opt-out request. Nor is hers the first instance of the union clearly forging a signature on a membership form so it could continue to confiscate dues from a worker who no longer wanted to...

SCOTUS Asked to Invalidate Union Maneuvering In Washington’s I-1501

Five years ago, Washington voters were the victims of a massive fraud that allowed government employee unions to continue confiscating federal dollars earmarked by Medicaid to help compensate private individuals who provide basic homecare to a relative or loved one.