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Freedom Foundation’s Washington Annual Dinner with Laura Ingraham

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Freedom Foundation Annual Dinner featuring Laura Ingraham. We hope you will be joining us in celebrating worker freedom!

Center for Medicaid Services warns states to stop union dues skimming from Medicaid

Today, the federal Center Medicaid Services took another step towards stopping states from illegally deducting union dues from payments to home caregivers serving Medicaid-eligible clients.

Hundreds Of School Employees Opt-Out As Soon As They Discover They Can

Last month Freedom Foundation contacted Public School Employees (PSE) all over Washington to let them know how much money they could keep in their own pockets every year by opting out of PSE/SEIU 1948.

District Court Sides with Unions, Refuses to Honor Employee Rights

It’s bad enough when public-sector unions by themselves flout the the clearly expressed will of the Supreme Court. But it’s even worse when they get an assist from lower courts.

Freedom Foundation supports federal agencies considering important labor reforms

This summer saw several positive, significant labor reform regulations advanced by federal agencies. In addition to supporting the Department of Health and Human Services’ repeal of an illegal 2014 regulation permitting states to siphon Medicaid funds to unions, the Freedom Foundation submitted...

SEIU 221 Settles Case When Freedom Foundation Shows Up

It’s bad enough that unions across the nation create restrictive opt-out policies to lock their membership into paying dues as long as possible. But it’s even worse when the unions themselves don’t follow their own rules.

Freedom Foundation Ends California Worker’s Wild Goose Chase

In October 2018, Caroline Kelly, an employee of the University of California San Diego, printed an opt-out letter from the Freedom Foundation’s website and sent it to her union, UPTE-CWA 9119.

Unions and The Participation Trophy Paradox

A friend of mine this week posted a meme on Facebook that observed, “I’m so old I remember when you had to actually win something to get a trophy.”