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Newsome’s Follies: Union-Friendly Bills the Governor Signed

More than 1,000 bills passed through the California State Legislature and were sent on to the governor’s desk this year


As the nation’s leader in reaching employees with information about their union rights, the Freedom Foundation naturally offers the best of all the nation’s “union opt-out” resource webpages

Second campaign finance complaint filed against AFSCME political fund

The Freedom Foundation has filed a second complaint with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission against the “Special Account” operated by AFSCME headquarters in Washington, D.C. for failure to disclose millions of dollars in political contributions.

The City of Spokane Passes Transparency Measure: Will Government Unions Accept the Will of the Voters?

On Nov. 5, Spokane residents made their voices heard with a landslide vote to make their city the eleventh jurisdiction in Washington since 2016 to embrace government transparency when they voted to amend its charter to require that public employee union contract negotiations be more open to the...

AFSCME 75’s Stacey Gets Spooked Over Records Request

The Freedom Foundation had made public information requests for union-represented employee data for research and outreach purposes.

Freedom Foundation Expands Into Ohio

To date, the Freedom Foundation has successfully helped 65,000 government employees across America leave their union and stop paying dues. So far, we’ve cost public sector unions more than $50 million per year

This Is What Happens When School Employees Learn Their Rights

Washington’s school employee unions can’t say they weren’t warned. Back in August, the Freedom Foundation ran a campaign to inform and educate classified public school employees about their right to opt out of paying union dues, and we encouraged the unions to get their houses in order. They didn’t...

California Religious Objector Files Claim With EEOC

Marcus Smith, an IT support specialist in California, has religious objections to union membership and dues payments.