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Two Years Ago Public Employees were Granted Freedom and Today Ohioans are Beginning to Hear It

Two years ago, on June 27, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court told Mark Janus he no longer had to join a union or pay dues or fees to one in order to keep his job as a child support specialist for the state of Illinois.

New Filing in Election Law Case Reveals Our Oregon’s Hypocrisy

In an ironic gaffe, new documents filed by Our Oregon in U.S. District Court assert the union-backed nonprofit seeks to protect Oregon election laws by breaking them.

The Butterfly Effect of Janus v AFSCME on Two-Year Anniversary Offers California Hope Amid the Chaos

As Americans grapple with a pandemic, economic collapse and riots, it seems an appropriate time to revisit a tenant of Chaos Theory — the so-called Butterfly Effect.

Freedom Foundation Sues San Bernardino County Over Information Request Denial

Under California’s Public Records Act, public agencies have an obligation to honor every document request unless there is a specific exemption in state law for the information being sought. And the burden of proof is on the agency to justify any refusal to comply.

NEA responds to fewer members by raising dues (again)

In its newly released strategic plan and budget proposal, the National Education Association (NEA) predicts it will lose roughly 128,000 members over the next two years.

Who’s from Pluto Now, Gov?

In May, a Freedom Foundation report exposed Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s Department of Health for inflating the numbers of deaths attributed to COVID-19 by as much as 13 percent.

In a Blow to Government Unions, Blaine Amendments Struck Down

In an opinion delivered by Chief Justice John Roberts, the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down so-called Blaine Amendments present in many state laws and constitutions, including the Oregon Constitution.

Freedom Foundation seeks restraining order on behalf of Slidewaters

The battle may have been lost, but the war is not over. Shortly after having been denied a temporary restraining order (TRO) in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Washington, Freedom Foundation attorneys last week filed for a preliminary injunction on behalf of Slidewaters LLC, a Lake Chelan...