Freedom Foundation

Tower to Lead Freedom Foundation’s Pennsylvania Team

Pennsylvania public employees have a new ally in Hunter Tower, the Freedom Foundation’s just-named state director.

The Freedom Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping public employees who want to leave their union and stop having dues or fees deducted from their paychecks exercise their right to do so.

And when unions resist, the Freedom Foundation provides the workers with pro bono legal representation.

Considering Pennsylvania’s jobless numbers and economic climate in the midst of the state’s government shutdowns, the Freedom Foundation’s timing is perfect.

“We’re excited to help Pennsylvania public employees give themselves a raise during this challenging time, and Hunter will be a great champion for them,” said Aaron Withe, the Freedom Foundation’s national director. “He’s already building a strong operation to reach as many Pennsylvanians as possible and let them know they can say goodbye to paying government unions while still keeping their jobs.”

Tower is no stranger to Pennsylvania or its politics. A graduate of Widener University, Tower previously served as executive director of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County and as a field director with the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

On March 27, Tower sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf asking him to consider imposing a short-term moratorium on public-sector union dues collections so Pennsylvanians could keep more of their paychecks during the current economic struggles.

The Freedom Foundation estimates that putting just a three-month stop on union dues would return $63 million to the pockets of the workers who earned it, helping them pay bills and spend in the private sector, providing additional help to the state economy at no cost to the taxpayer.

A week after Tower sent his letter, Wolf announced that 9,000 state employees would no longer receive paychecks at all.

“Pennsylvania’s economic future looks bleak right now, and mortgage lenders, utilities, and the IRS are foregoing payments and collections,” continued Withe. “Why not the unions? Fortunately for the state’s public employees who still get a paycheck, we’re here to help them keep more of it.”

The Freedom Foundation opened its doors in Pennsylvania in February 2020. Tower joined the organization in March.

“We have a robust campaign to reach out to public employees across the state to inform and educate them about their rights to leave their union,” Withe said. “Our methods have changed slightly due to social distancing, but they will be hearing from us because we’re committed to helping people keep the money they’ve earned. And Hunter is putting together a great team.”