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Maxford Nelsen

Director of Labor Policy

Maxford Nelsen

Maxford Nelsen is the Freedom Foundation’s Director of Labor Policy. His work primarily focuses on labor unions and collective bargaining as well as labor regulations like the minimum wage.

In this capacity, Max has testified on labor issues before numerous city councils and the state legislature.

Max's work has been published in local newspapers around the country and in national outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Hill and the American Spectator. His work on labor policy issues has been featured in media outlets like the New York Times, Fox News, PBS News Hour, and The Washington Examiner. He is a regular guest on local radio stations like 770 KTTH and 570 KVI.

Prior to joining the Freedom Foundation, Max worked for as a legislative analyst. He has also previously worked on the Washington Policy Center's development team, and has interned with the Heritage Foundation. Max is a Washington native and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Whitworth University.