California public employees opt out in record numbers 

California public employees opt out in record numbers 

California public employees opt out in record numbers 

Momentum from the Freedom Foundation’s record-breaking October propelled California to its largest one-month opt-out total ever in November.

A jaw-dropping 1,398 public employees submitted request forms during the month to the Freedom Foundation’s California team.   As more and more workers at every level of government come to understand the right-to-work protections affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSME (2018), anew wave of independent-minded thinking has arisen. 

When state employees truly understand their livelihood is no longer contingent on union membership, huge numbers opt to keep their dues dollars in their own pocket rather than watching as union leaders use it to fund a radically liberal political agenda they don’t support.   

Among the November total are more than 500 teachers, professors, school workers and roughly 700 SEIU members who considered their unions unfit to continue representing them. 

Most of the credit for the spectacular November results can be attributed to one of our most successful mailing campaigns so far — a survey form sent out in October, reflecting the opinions of an estimated 1,800 employees.  

While some expressed a positive attitude toward their respective union, many more detested the ways their leadership overlooked the needs of the rank and file, how they handled contract negotiations or how they funded extremely woke policies in their classrooms.  

The feedback provided the Freedom Foundation with valuable data that will help us understand the overreach and negligence of California’s public-sector unions.  

As we await the replies of our subsequent Thanksgiving and Christmas mail campaigns, we have every reason to believe record-breaking months will be the rule rather than the exception in the Golden State. 

California Outreach Director
Rachel was raised in Orange County, CA where she grew up passionate about patriotism and helping people in her community. She received her bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton and went on to spend a decade working for a private Audiology practice. While there, she wore many hats from patient care and office managing to marketing and outreach. She was able to develop many skills working in small business and the medical field, but ultimately determined her true passion was helping advance the conservative movement in California. After volunteering for conservative non-profits on weekends for many years and being a conservative leader on campus in her time at CSUF, she was offered a position with Turning Point USA where she was able to be on the frontlines giving a voice to young conservatives. Rachel’s many years of outreach experience, desire to help others, and love of the Constitution inspired her to join the Freedom Foundation in 2021 as the California Outreach Director. In her free time, she enjoys traveling this great country and being with family, friends, and her two dogs.