Los Angeles protest underscores parents’ disgust with union-backed depravity masquerading as education

Los Angeles protest underscores parents’ disgust with union-backed depravity masquerading as education

Los Angeles protest underscores parents’ disgust with union-backed depravity masquerading as education

Make no mistake, it’s radicals on the left attempting to use the public school system to indoctrinate students with wildly inappropriate sexual material who find themselves on the fringes, not the mainstream majority appalled by what it’s seeing.

A protest staged this week in the very heart of the beast at the Los Angeles City Hall brought home the point in lurid detail. Organized under the banner, “Leave Our Kids Alone!” the event brought together a diverse coalition of groups ranging from LEXIT (Latinos Exiting the Democratic Party), Gays Against Groomers, an Armenian parental group, the Dad Army and many others to speak out about the serial transgressions of the California educational system.

Among these were the revelation that public schools no longer be compelled to inform parents of a child’s gender transition and the imposition of a curriculum openly advocating for the LGBTQ agenda.

What these parents were demanding is the simple right to be informed about life-altering decisions that have been assumed by the California state government.

Virtually every speaker had a horror story about how children are being victimized by this misinformation movement, whose leaders alternately deny their actions or falsely claim the smut-centric curriculums have broad public support.

At least one attendee, Rudy Melendez, laid the blame where it belongs — at the feet of the unions representing the teachers required to disseminate the shocking lessons. “(The United Teachers of Los Angeles) buys every school member if the school board,” he said. The board, in turn, rubber-stamps even the most radical union-backed policies to be implemented in the most conservative parts of California.

Melendez noted that UTLA President Cecily Myart Cruz is a proud Marxist and, under her leadership, the union is far more interested in advocating for her distorted vision of social justice than it is in workplace representation.

As they marched, the voices of the protesters grew progressively louder, and the crescendo won’t peak those California’s education system agrees to focus on the fundamentals instead of a radical left-wing agenda. They will continue to shout, “Hey teacher. Leave our kids alone!”

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