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Lawmakers’ Visit to Ritzy Eatery Just Exposes Their Hubris

Once again, California’s elected liberals have shown us it has one set of rules for the commoners and another for those who live off their tax dollars.

This week, the Sacramento Bee reported that five liberal politicians dined at a mid-town Sacramento restaurant upon returning to the capitol for the legislative session. While they did dine outdoors, which is currently allowed in Sacramento County, they flouted rules that should have restricted the gathering to less than three households.

This rule is statewide, regardless of what level of lockdown the specific county is currently under.

Asked by a Sacramento Bee reporter why he had decided to eat out, Adrin Nazarian (D-46th) said “Can we not have dinner?” Another assembly member, Marc Levine (D-10th) said he was “just supporting small businesses.”

These lawmakers, whose Twitter accounts are rife with information about COVID-19 safety, clearly understand the rules and what they are, or are not, supposed to be doing.

Don’t get us wrong, we support anyone who wants to go out and support a local small business that’s on the brink of bankruptcy from the result of government-imposed lockdowns. We would simply prefer if commoners like us could do it as well without facing jail time, as is the case in neighboring Oregon.

Unfortunately, this has become a trend for many of the liberal elite in California and abroad. You may remember that Gavin Newsom was recently caught dining with top dollar healthcare lobbyists at the ritzy French Laundry in Napa County.

While the rest of California suffers, these publicly elected officials continue to live the high life off tax dollars that many California residents can no longer afford to pay.

Frankly, COVID-19 is a real disease and you should apply common-sense precautions to your daily life to protect yourself and your loved ones. Wash your hands, avoid indoor high-traffic areas, don’t sneeze on people and follow your gut when deciding if a situation is too risky for you.

But if dining indoors is safe enough for Gavin Newsom, why it isn’t safe enough for rest of us, as well?