Reopening Schools Up to Public Employees

Reopening Schools Up to Public Employees

Reopening Schools Up to Public Employees

Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal — who was elected with massive union funding — has assembled a work group to decide when and how employees will go back to work to provide the education services for the families of Washington.

Predictably, the roster of members reads like a long list of foxes tasked with guarding the taxpayers’ henhouse.

A Freedom Foundation review reveals, for example, that 64 percent of the appointees are public employees, even though families who depend on education services outnumber the employees five to one. Issue advocates and policymakers make up another 26 percent.

Parent advocates and students only make up 8 percent of the workgroup.

To no one’s surprise, union employees and union-selected school employees are the largest group at 22 percent of the workgroup.

A union-packed committee deciding how and when to go back to work in person?

What could possibly go wrong?

Senior Policy Analyst
Jami Lund is the Freedom Foundation’s Senior Policy Analyst. From 2004 to 2011, he developed legislative policy as a research analyst for the Washington House Republican Caucus. Prior to that he worked for the Freedom Foundation as the Project Manager for the Teachers Paycheck Protection project, shepherding the development of the Foundation’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court case to protect teacher rights. Jami is an accomplished speaker and researcher, one of Washington state’s top scholars on education policy and finance.