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Freedom Foundation shares special evening with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Last Friday was a special evening for the Freedom Foundation.

While King Inslee has effectively kept the state closed to public events, the Freedom Foundation held its annual event with keynote speaker, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The event was very different this time, as it was streamed live over the Internet with Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivering her remarks in the Freedom Foundation TV studio.

In a way, the livestream actually opened Freedom Foundation’s message to more people than it could have hosted in a hotel ballroom. Thousands joined together online to enjoy Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ remarks.

As expected, Sanders was engaging, emotional, funny and glowing in her praise of the Freedom Foundation. She regaled the audience with stories of her days as White House press secretary, some of the antics her children perpetrated in front of the president and gave a moving story of her visit as a young girl with her father to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel.

She also recalled that Freedom Foundation California director Bob Wickers hired her for her first real job.

Thank you to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a wonderful evening, and for the thousands who joined the Freedom Foundation family for an incredible evening celebrating our freedoms.