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KVI breaks story on King County Prosecutor’s connection with SEIU

This morning, KVI talk-show hosts, Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson, broke the story that Republican King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has embarked on a politically-motivated and specious criminal prosecution of a former employee of the Service Employees International Union Local 775, at the special request of SEIU and one of its chief lobbyists, former State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser. After setting up private meetings between SEIU and Satterberg on the Prosecutor’s private cell phone, they met at pub. Satterberg allowed his deputy prosecutors to work hand-in-hand with SEIU’s private attorneys – even allowing them to edit certain prosecution documents. This political collusion was sealed when, one day after Esser made a political donation to Satterberg (in a non-election), Satterberg’s office filed indictments against the former employee. The alleged crime? The employee gave his own lists of home healthcare providers forcibly represented by SEIU to the Foundation, who then informed the providers about their constitutional rights to choose whether or not to remain in the union and continue to pay union dues.

Kirby and John were the first to break the story on Satterberg’s outrageous, disgusting abuse of power. However, there will be much, much more to come.

Listen to the interview here