Memorial Day: A Tribute to Heroes and The Freedoms They Died to Preserve

Memorial Day: A Tribute to Heroes and The Freedoms They Died to Preserve

Memorial Day: A Tribute to Heroes and The Freedoms They Died to Preserve

Let there be no doubt what we honor on Memorial Day.

It isn’t the military in general; we do that on Armed Forces Day. Nor is those who’ve served in uniform. We do that on Veteran’s Day.

On Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who not only answered the call, but whose service to their country culminated with the ultimate sacrifice.

At the Freedom Foundation, we revere all who knowingly put themselves in harm’s way to defend the liberty we hold dear. Just as importantly, we recognize the stoic courage of their friends and loved ones who, in their own way, shoulder the same awesome responsibility.

But the debt we can never repay is to those who lay down their own lives in the endeavor.

No words can adequately convey the magnitude of our veneration. Rather, we choose to eulogize our fallen heroes by ensuring their deaths were not in vain.

On Memorial Day, the nation pays everlasting tribute to those who traded their lives for our freedom. The least we owe them is to ensure their magnificent gesture isn’t squandered through apathy and trepidation.

It’s no coincidence a disproportionate number of Freedom Foundation supporters served in our armed forces. They know the rights we exercise and the values that made this nation great are under constant assault from beyond its shores and internally. And then — as now — they’ve pledged their lives, their fortunes and the sacred honor to preserve them.

On this Memorial Day, the Freedom Foundation humbly redoubles its commitment that neither their valor nor the principles that occasioned it will ever be forgotten.

Vice President for News and Information
Jeff is a native of West Virginia and a graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in journalism. He served in the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis, Wash., as a broadcast journalist and has worked at a number of newspapers in West Virginia and Washington. Most recently, he spent 11 years as editor of the Port Orchard (Wash.) Independent, which earned the 2011 Washington Newspaper Publishers’ Association’s General Excellence Award as the top community newspaper in Washington. Previously, he was editor of the Business Examiner newspaper in Tacoma, Wash., for seven years. Jeff lives in Lacey; he and his wife have grown twin daughters.